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  Welcome to our Metal Detecting Club Home Page!

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We are a not-for-profit organization, routinely holding club meetings, seminars, and hunts for relics, treasure, coins, gold, silver, and lost articles!

If you have lost a precious metal item and need help finding it, please contact the club president at the email below.

Club Officers
 Position  Name and contact information  Detecting Since
 President  Don Mituzas
 Email contact: don824@comcast.net
 Vice President
 Todd Olson
 Secretary  Don Mayers  
 Treasurer  Larry Cohen  
 Newsletter Editor  Carol Mayers  
 Finds of the Month  Kathleen Brouillette  2013
 Webmaster  Brian Brouillette  2013
 Site Coordinator (Open - TBD)  

Club Meeting Location and Time

 Trinity Lutheran Church
 2103 Route 6
 Brewster, NY 10509
 GPS = 4124'53.9"N 7339'11.5"W

 When?  Typically on the first Tuesday of each Month
 Meetings start at 7:00 PM
 No meetings are held in July, August, December
 Next Meeting?
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
 The site offers both
 an upper and lower
 parking lot to ensure
 ample parking is

 Visitors are welcome
 to attend.

Typical meeting agenda - (What to expect)
Meetings begin with a patriotic pledge of allegiance, a review of the prior meeting's minutes, and the introduction of visitors and new members.  Potential detecting sites are discussed, and folks share tips and success stories with one another.  This club is fortunate that some of the more active members generously display their recent finds, providing inspiration that there are still plenty of arifacts out there just waiting to be found!  There are raffles, refreshments, and a great opportunity to learn from those who have significant experience in the hobby.  The Finds of the Month competition is a forum for members to showcase their items found since the previous club meeting.  The gatherings are a great way to share opinions about new technology, advocate proper digging techniques, and kindle the inspiration to locate that next great find!  Welcome to our club!

Summer 2018 PWMDAS Club Fishing Trip
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The fishing trip review has been added to the events page (right below the trip details)

The 2017 Year in Review Newsletter is now available!
Click here to download the 2017 PWMDAS Year in Review Newsletter

The 2017 Jimmy See Classic Fall Hunt photo page has been updated.
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The 2017 holiday party was a great success!

Congratulations to all the raffle winners!

Many thanks to our sponsors and those who contributed!  


Getting ready to start one of our club hunts.
Some of the items found at our past club hunts shown below.





1.  Before metal detecting public sites, always check laws, ordinances, or regulations that may govern your search.

2.  Never trespass. Always get permission when metal detecting private property.

3.  Never leave open holes. Leave the search area exactly as it was before your metal detecting.

4.  Report the discovery of any items of significant historical value to the local historian or museum.

5.  If you discover live ammo or a lethal object, don’t touch it. Mark the site and notify the police at once.

6.  Be polite and informative to those who inquire about your hobby. You are the ambassador of a pastime we want to protect and we will be judged by how you act and respond.