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The Putnam / Westchester Metal Detectorists & Archaeological Society is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization, routinely holding club meetings, seminars, and hunts for relics, treasure, coins, gold, silver, and lost articles

If you have lost a precious metal item and need help finding it, please contact the club president.
Don Mituzas:   don824@comcast.net

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Update on meetings - The next monthly meeting is Tuesday, November 2nd at 7:00 PM.

Updates from the October 5th meeting (10/5/2021)
Attendance - The majority of the 25 folks in attendance had been fully vaccinated and none exhibited Covid-19 symptoms.   Wearing a mask was optional for those who were fully vaccinated, while the remaining few folks continued to do so for personal safety.
2021 Christmas Party - The Christmas Party is scheduled for Saturday, December 4th, at the Southeast Grille House in Brewster, NY.   Payment in advance will be required for members and guests. The cost is estimated at $40 per person.
Search Events - The October hunt is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th, with a rain date of October 17th.  Members should monitor their email accounts for additional details just before the hunt.  There are no other search events booked at this time.
New Item For Sale - Larry Cohen has posted an unused metal detector package for sale.
  >>>>>   Click here to check out the club's "Buy-Sell-Trade" page for more details.
This advertising space is free to members.  If you have an item for sale, please contact the Web Master or Don Mituzas (who will forward the details along for publishing).
Club Meetings Information about Club Meetings can be accessed from the "Meetings" navigation button or ...
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Items Returned & Community Service
The Items Returned & Community Service page can be accessed from the "Items Returned & Community Service" navigation button (or click the link below).
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The 2019 Finds of the Year Winners
The Finds of the Year page can be accessed by clicking on the "Finds of the Year" navigation button, and then click the "2019 Finds of the Year" link (or click the link below).
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The 2019 holiday party was a great success!

Congratulations to all the raffle winners.
Many thanks to our sponsors and those who contributed.


Some of the items found at our past club hunts shown below.





1.  Before metal detecting public sites, always check laws, ordinances, or regulations that may govern your search.

2.  Never trespass. Always get permission when metal detecting private property.

3.  Never leave open holes. Leave the search area exactly as it was before your metal detecting.

4.  Report the discovery of any items of significant historical value to the local historian or museum.

5.  If you discover live ammo or a lethal object, don’t touch it. Mark the site and notify the police at once.

6.  Be polite and informative to those who inquire about your hobby. You are the ambassador of a pastime we want to protect and we will be judged by how you act and respond.