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Finds of the Month ( Winners) November 3 2011


Foreign Silver Coin - 1917 C Newfoundland silver dime –Don Mayers

Foreign Non-Silver Coin - 1712 King George Copper-Roy Roos

Us Silver Coin - 1910 D Barber quarter-Roy Roos

US Non-Silver Coin - 1836 US large cent-Don Mayers

Button - US customs button ca. 1900-Roy Roos

Gold Jewelry - 10K cocktail ring with garnet-Don Mayers

Silver Jewelry - Vintage sterling ring-Chris Waugh

Medal - 1913 PA dog tax tag-Ben Carter

Buckle - 1800s garter buckle-Don Mayers

Relic - 45 rpm record adapter-Chris Waugh

Token - All Quality game token - Don Mayers


Finds of Note

1865 Indian Head - Roy Roos

1893 Austrian 2 Heller - Don Mayers

Sterling Gorham fork - Conrad Rasinski

Gold & silver wedding band - Don Mayers

1906 Indian Head - Chris Waugh

Silver cuff link - Roy Roos

Finds of the Month

October 6, 2011

US Silver Coin -- 1854 Seated Dime--Conrad Rasinski

US Non Silver Coin--- 1825 US Large Cent ---Roy Roos

Foreign Non-Silver Coin---1940 English Penny—Roy Roos

Foreign Silver Coin--- 1859 Bremen German State Coin--Roy Roos

Gold Jewel---14K Yellow Gold Chain/Pendant---Carol Mayers

Silver Jewelry---Sterling & Moissonite Pendant---Richard Markert

Relic---1890s Silver/Stag Horn German Carving Set---Don Mayers

Token--- 1857 Upper Canada Bank Token---Roy Roos

Medal---Watch Fob Revere Rubber Co.---Roy Roos

Buckle—Silver Lady’s Buckle---Roy Roos

Button---Westchester Military Academy Button—Roy R

Finds of the Month

June 2011


Category: Gold Jewelry

Find: 10K Chain with Medal

Winner: Carol Mayers


Category: Medal

Find: 1826 Willey House

Disaster Medal

Winner: Don Mayers


Category: Button

Find: Civil War Era

Eagle Button

Winner: Roy Roos


Category: Relic

Find: 19th Century Crotal Bell

Winner: Roy Roos


Category: US Silver Coin

Find: 1875s 20 Cent Piece

Winner: Roy Roos


Category: US Non Silver Coin

Find: 1818 Large Cent

Winner: Roy Roos

April 2011 Finds of the Month

Category: Button                                               
Find: ca. 1820 Scottish                                         

Thistle Button                                                      

Winner: Don Mayers

Category: Gold Jewelry
Find: 18K Ring/Diamonds
Winner: Conrad Rasinski

Category: Silver Jewelry
Find: Antique Silver Ring/

Winner: Don Mayers

Category: Foreign Silver Coin                           

Find: 1915 Cuban Dime                                      

Winner: Dennis Luria

Category: Relic
Find: Civil War Bayonet
Winner: Dennis Luria        


Category: Medal                                                   

Find: Silver Medal                                                
Winner: Al Kontis

Category: US Silver Coin

Find: 1914D Barber Dime

Winner: Don Mayers

Finds of the Month March 2011

Gold Jewelry
- 14K Gold Diamonique Engagement Ring -Conrad Rasinski

Relic-17th Century Candle Stick Base-Dennis Luria

-Mid 1900's Buick Emblem-Roy Roos

-M Haggarty Token-Roy Roos

Silver USA Coin
-1918-D Standing Liberty Quarter-Roy Roos

Silver Jewelery
-WWII US Navy Engineer's Ring-Don Mayers

-Silver Religious Medal-Al Kontis

USA Non-Silver Coin
-EF 1883 Indian Head Penny-Conrad Rasinski

-Flat Button-Roy Roos