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Finds of the Month Rules


1.  All entries must be deposited in the display case by 7:30pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. (The reason is two fold, this rule PROTECTS the security of all items entered and REDUCES prejudging of any one category).


2.  All items to be judged must have been dug within the time period following the last meeting. (Exceptions: If a member missed the last meeting(s) he may enter any items in the next meeting attended. In addition if a member was prevented from placing any item in competition because of arriving after the 7:30 pm deadline he may enter in the next meeting).


3.  All items will be returned to their owners at the conclusion of the meeting.


4.   Only ONE item may be entered in each category by any one member. (Exception-items dug in the same hole may be entered as a cache).


5.  The club member conducting the Finds of the Month (currently Todd Olson) has the FINAL decision as to which category an item is to be placed in.


6.  Non-dated coins may be submitted PROVIDED there is sufficient detail to place them into a specific time range ie. no date but known British King (George I)


7.  Any platinum finds may be placed in a gold category at the discretion of the member in charge ie. a platinum ring competes in Gold Jewelry.


8.  No prizes are to be awarded. The main purpose of the competition is to provide a forum in which to display the month's finds.  Winners are submitted to Western & Eastern Magazine and may be mentioned in the magazine's Club News section.


9.  Category,Find, and Location must be completed on the entry card. Owner's name is to be written on the reverse of the entry card.

10.  Finds Of The Month Entry Forms

Please use the forms on the linked page if you are going to place an item/s into the Finds of the Month competition (print out the form, print your name on the back of each entry, cut out and bring to the meeting with your entry):