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New Florida Bill -- Call To Action !!!!!!

From: John Howard <jwhoward@rochester.rr.com>
To: Atlantic Treasure Club <asadwin@verizon.net>
Sent: Tue, Feb 28, 2012 7:59 pm
Subject: Fwd: FMDAC New Florida Bill

Please send this to all your members and have 
them let the Fla. Senators that we can spend our 
tourist dollars in other states that allow metal detecting.
Thank you
>Attention Florida residents and anyone who visits Florida.
>There is a bill in the Florida Senate that could 
>make it illegal to remove an item from any 
>public property anywhere in the state. This 
>could also include beaches. It covers state 
>property and all political subdivisions. 
>Political subdivisions would be any county, city 
>or town. The bill sounds like it only covers 
>archaeological sites but we all know what happens
                           once they get passed.
>This bill is SB 868 Archaeological Sites and 
>Specimens. It has already passed one committee 
>by a vote of 10 ­ 0.  Right now it is in
>Budgeet Subcommittee
                           on Transportation, Tourism, 
                           Economic Development Appropriations
                           is a link to the bill. You can find the 
>text by clicking on “Bill Text†tab part way down the page.
>You can get to the Senate contact info by 
>clicking on the “Senator†tab at the top
                           of the page. Or just click here.
>This one needs to go down hard. I don’t need 
>to tell you the tourism dollars that go into 
>Florida.  But you should remind the Senators of 
>that. While you are at it please take a moment 
>to let the Florida Tourism Department know your 
>feelings. Their funding comes from a tax on tourists.
                           Use this link.
>Lets all get on this one. Florida is a big metal 
>detecting state. I don’t think there are many 
>people in the east and midwest who have not been 
>to Florida at least once. Many go often. Lets 
>not let the snob archaeologists sneak one through.
>Mark Schuessler
>FMDAC Alliance Liaison