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Finds of the Year



Twenty sixteen started off early for P/WMDAS as the Club held its first ever meeting in January. In spite of the risk of snow and ice it was decided that the financial success of the organization plus its ability to establish a workable hunt plan would be best served by having a beginning of the year meeting. First order of business was the announcement that the annual Christmas party would be held at a new location. After many venues were explored the Board finally arranged a contract with the South East Grille House on Route 6 in Brewster, New York. The facility features ample parking, dance floor with spacious seating and excellent food. To avoid the complications encountered in 2015 the 2016 gala will require pre-payment in order to attend. This should eliminate the overcrowding and delays of last year.


In recognition of their many years of service to the Club Treasurer Larry Cohen and Secretary Don Mayers were awarded Lifetime membership in P/WMDAS. It was noted that Larry is the ONLY Treasurer the organization has ever had. As a result of the incredible warm winter there were many spectacular finds presented for the Finds of the Month Competition. The winners are presented in the final section of the Review under each specific class of recoveries.





Although the winter ran above normal temperature wise the ice and snow finally caught up with those still swinging a coil. New York City Permits became available and members were urged to file their requests as soon as possible as many new Parks were opened for detecting. Spring hunts are being organized and it appears that as many as four may be available starting in April and running into early May.





The 2016 Events Cards were distributed to all paid members in attendance. These cards must be carried to each Club event. As it continues to be more and more of a challenge to obtain productive hunt sites members were encouraged to join local historical societies and land trusts. These organizations often provide contacts and event opportunities which eventually lead to access to detectable land. Even if the sites are too small for a Club hunt they may be sufficient for at least a few members to enjoy.





Several Club members started the spring season off by detecting the fields of the United Kingdom. All agreed that hunting the UK is a truly wonderful and unique experience. Not all came back with the Staffordshire Hoard but everyone was ready to return for another great adventure.


The Ragland Farm hunt was a wet, windy day afield. Finds were minimal but those members able to withstand the rigors of the elements were rewarded with some nice Colonial artifacts. The event raised $250 for charity. April was a very active one as several additional outings were available before May first. The second hunt took place on the Weed Farm. While the group had detected there before some new land was available. The weather was much better than for the Ragland hunt but finds were again scarce. Nevertheless a few nice Colonial coins and relics were recovered. The return to the Weed property also witnessed some bright sun and warm temperatures. Silver and US large cents were recovered right in front of the farm. It goes to show that even heavily hunted areas can be kind to those who persist. No hunt was planned during the period of the New Hampshire BONE as several members travelled north to do battle with the well-hidden relics of the Granite state.

The last hunt of the month was on the newly acquired property of the Rusk farm in Marlboro, New York. A wide variety of finds were made ranging from Colonial coins to modern silver coins, to silver jewelry and also coin silver flat ware and Indian Heads. This was the best attended hunt of the year to date. Members are anxious to return to scour the many fields which were off limits because they were planted to seed before the hunt was scheduled.


The issue of finding hunt sites large enough to provide a positive experience for all members took up much of the April meeting’s time frame. This is an issue which will be addressed in earnest throughout the year.





Reports were presented at the May meeting by members who had recently attended the 2016 BONE. Some very interesting Colonial finds were made but recoveries were few and far between. There were some issues raised as to the number of hunters detecting a relatively small area and how heavily hunted some of the sites had been prior to the BONE.


 A mailing has been prepared to assist the Club in gaining permission to detect new sites. This mailing consists of a 2 part cover allowing the recipient to return a survey questioner regarding the availability of his or her property. It was suggested also that when looking for permission to hunt a member should carry a “turn on and go” machine to encourage the land owner to hunt the site along with Club members. “To Cap or not to Cap”; that is the question. As the Club struggles to find new land the issue of membership size has been cause for much discussion. Carol Mayers has contacted Western and Eastern magazine seeking opinions from clubs around the country regarding membership size and its effect on the club’s ability to acquire productive land. It appears that no one has an answer as to date there has been only one response.





After much discussion the Club voted not to cap the size of the organization but rather to allow anyone interested in the hobby to join.  For this to enable enjoyable and productive open hunts it was decided to strongly urge attendees to prepay at the meetings in advance for any particular outing. In addition we will require the Site Coordinator (or comparable position) to monitor payment and to establish the best possible communication base to make it as easy as possible to acquire new, viable land.


Negotiations were ongoing to secure the local Lutheran Church which has ample parking and seating space for the expanding membership. Holding and occasional dinner meeting at the SE Grille House was also being tested.

As no meetings are typically held during July and August plans were put forth to revisit some of our more productive hunt sites in the fall. These might included Meade Farm, Mr. Apple, and Rusk Farm. Late fall hunts not only provide usually good, cool weather but at some sites  previously planted or unharvested areas which were not available in the spring may be clear to hunt.




Thanks to the efforts of Kathy and Brian Brouillette plus the negotiating skills of president Don Mituzas the Club has been able to relocate its meeting place to the Trinity Lutheran Church in Brewster, NY. Ample and predictable parking space was the prime driving force prompting the search for new accommodations. This facility offers everything we need to continue operations, attract new members and provide safe and adequate parking.

     Vice President Stacy Rosoff has moved from Connecticut to Massachusetts. We will miss her infectious smile and enthusiasm for the hobby. Her departure has left the office of Vice President open until the November elections. Kath Brouillette has agreed to fill in until November. She will be assisted by Secretary Don Mayers. Both Kathy and Todd Olson have expressed interest in running for the position come November.

     As might be expected the Finds of the Month display case was bulging at the hinges as a result of great summer weather and much enthusiasm from the Club members. All categories were well represented INCLUDING GOLD COIN as no less than three gold coins were recovered this past summer.

     Plans have been set forth for the Jimmy See Classic and the Christmas Party. Both these events have come to define the increased importance of comradery and social interaction which has made P/WMDAS so attractive to new members.




It’s never too early to plan ahead. Following a lead from Don and Carol Mayers president Mituzas has been able to negotiate a hunt on 800 acres of historic farm land in Connecticut. The hunt is scheduled for late March 2017. If productive, there is sufficient acreage to provide outings for several years. Arrangements were discussed to insure more Club exposure to the Club News and Views section of Western and Eastern magazine. The editor will be provided a copy of the Year In Review and has agreed to follow Club current events at P/WMDAS’ web site. Don Mituzas is in the preliminary stages of preparing an article for W&E showcasing the Club’s success in recovering 3 gold coins during 2016.


The Stormville Hunt was held on a glorious fall day. After years of hunting finds were down a bit, nevertheless the day’s take exceeded any of the earlier 2016 outings. Surprisingly 3 coppers were dug along with a couple of silver coins and a two cent piece.




Brian Brouillette has done a great job revitalizing and upgrading the Club web site (http://www.greattreasure.com/) .  Members looked forward to the Nor’easters upcoming hunt in Connecticut. Some great finds were made but “keepers” were found by the lucky or the very skilled. Targets were deep and widely scattered but the quality was there. A fugio, several state and English coppers, two one Reales and a French copper were brought to light along with a couple of Barber coins and Indian Heads. THANKS Jessie for a job well done (on to the Catskills). Three members held a “mini hunt” in NYC. A number of good coins were dug and all in attendance were checked by police for permits. If you go you may have to show. The 2017 BONE is being planned NOW. If you plan on attending members were encouraged to register early. Congratulations to Todd Olson who was elected as the new Vice President. Thanks to Kathy Brouillette for accepting the position of Coordinator of Finds of the Month. Next up: The annual Christmas Party on December 3rd.





2016 comes to a close as P/WMDAS celebrates its annual Christmas Party at a new venue. Forty-five members and guests enjoyed a fine buffet hosted by Hellen and Dominick at their SE Grille House in Brewster, New York. Uncharacteristically the weather cooperated with no snow or rain in the forecast. Minelab and Garrett gave us exceptional bargains on two machines. The EZ 40 and the AT PRO were the shinning lights on a very much star filled raffle table. Conrad Rasinski took home the EZ 40 and Patty Osmer was the proud winner of the AT PRO. We missed Stacy Rosoff and Fred Shipman at the gala. Both found it necessary to relocate during the past year. Hopefully they will enjoy sharing the Year in Review with those still here holding the fort. May their hearts be light and their pouches heavy. What will 2017 bring? No doubt the Board will be hard at work during the winter setting up as many hunts as possible. Todd Olson will bring new ideas and youthful vigor to the administration as the new VP and the Brouillette twosome of Brian and Kathleen will surely infuse skills and enthusiasm to our hobby. The next meeting will be Wednesday, January 4th 2017 unless weather or church schedule dictates a change. Please enjoy the appendix which contains the complete run down of all the best finds made during this past year. May all be blessed with good health and peace of mind as we take our winter respite.



Appendix-           FINDS OF THE MONTH FOR 2016


US Silver Coins: 1839 ½ Dime-Matt Winchester, 1854 Seated Dime-Andy Marussich,1853 Three Cent Silver Andy Marussich,1831 ½ Dime Matt Winchester,1874 Seated Dime with Arrows-Don Mituzas,1900 Barber ½ Dollar-Ralph Dykeman,1847 Seated Quarter-Jimmy D’Amato,1853 Seated Dime-Mike Lemoigne ,1876 Seated Quarter-Andy Marussich-1878 Counter stamped Seated Quarter-Boris Privaliklin, Seated ½ Dime –Andy Marussich

US Non-Silver Coins:1798  Large Cent-Matt Winchester,1787 CT Copper-Frank Giammattei,1789 Mach Mills ½ Pence-Andy Marussich,1798 Large Cent-Andy Marussich,1796 Large Cent-Matt Winchester,1838 Large Cent-Don Mituzas-1794 Large Cent-Jimmy D’Amato,1865 Two Cent Piece-Mike Lemoigne,1788 Vermont Copper-Andy Eichorn, 1786 Fugio-Todd Yerks

Foreign Silver Coins:1790 Type II Half Reale-Don Mayers,1771 One Reale-Andy Eichorn,1776 II Reale-Matt Winchester,1216/1267 Henry III UK Penny-Boris Privaliklin,1815 Half Reale-Don Mituzas,1774 One Reale-Don Mayers,1759 II Reale-Don Mituzas,1896 Russian Rubble-Boris Privaliklin

Foreign Non-Silver Coins: 1842 Belgium 2 Cent Piece-Don Mayers,1775 Counterfeit Half Pence-Matt Winchester,1723 Half pence-Matt Winchester,1740 Half Pence-Ralph Dykeman,1739 KG Copper-Todd Olson,

Wm. III Farthing-Andy Eichorn,Wm. II Half Pence-Don Mituzas,1721 KG Copper-Andy Eichorn, Roman Coin-Charles Grenon

Silver Jewelry: .925 Star of David Ring-Andy Marussich,.925 Ring-Bruce Salvani,.925 Ring-Mike Lemoigne,.925 Cuff Links-Conrad Rasinski,.925 Bracelet-Andy Marussich,.925 Egyptian god Figure-Mike Lemoigne,.925 Cross-Don Mituzas,.925 Ring -Andy Marussich,.925 Ring-Conrad Rasinski

Gold Jewelry:14K Ring-Frank Giammattei,14K Ring with diamonds & sapphires-Mike Lemoigne,14K early 1900’s Ring-Carter Pennington,10K Ring-Matt Winchester,14K Ring with Stones-Roy Roos,18K Ring-Ken Carlson,18K Ring-Andy Marussich

Tokens: 1852 Bank of Upper Canada Token-Don Mituzas, Hard Times Token-Jimmy D’Amato, Prohibition Token -Matt Winchester, Henry Harrison Token-Frank Giammattei, Andrew Jackson Campaign Token, Andy Eichorn, Hard Times Token-Frank Giammattei, Civil War (Union Flag) Token-Andy Marussich, Civil War Token-Boris Privaliklin

Medal: 25th Anniversary Medal from GM-Ralph Dykeman, Garfield Political Medal-Don Mituzas, 1909 Competition Medal-Matt Winchester, 1917 Lady Warrior Medal-Roy Roos, 1950’s Swedish Medal-Andy Marussich, Silver Merit Medal-Don Mituzas

Buckles: Bat Wing Buckle-Matt Winchester, Victorian Sash Buckle with Stones-Don Mayers, Colonial Shoe Buckle-Matt Winchester, Colonial Shoe Buckle-Matt Winchester/Andy Eichorn, Colonial Bat Wing Buckle-Andy Eichorn, Colonial Bat Wing Buckle-Don Mituzas, Pewter Knee Buckle-Matt Winchester

Relic: Lock-Frank Giammattei,WWI Sailor Figure -Ralph Dykeman, Star Brick Marker-Andy Marussich, Crotal Bell-Frank Giammattei, Pewter Candle Holder-Ralph Dykeman, Colonial Spigot Handle-Andy Marussich, Antique Fly Reel-Don Mituzas, Confederate Sword Pommel-Todd Yerks

Buttons: USA Continental Army Button-Andy Marussich, USA War of 1812 Regiment of Artillery Button-Andy Marussich, Continental Army Infantry Button-Todd Olson, US Navy Button ca. 1830-Don Mituzas, NY Seal Button-Andy Eichorn, Third Battalion Rev. War Button-Andy Eichorn, 8th Regiment MA Rev. War Button-Matt Winchester, USA Continental Army Cuff Button-Matt Winchester, War of 1812 Infantry Eagle Button with Arrows-Louis Butironi, Circa 1870 USA Marine Eagle Button-Don Mayers